DESIGNED BY BLUE SKY CONSULTING   William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. strives to provide our clients with accurate and timely soils information. We conduct soil testing and characterization, and make interpretations of soil properties for: ON SITE WASTEWATER TREATMENT o Residential & Commercial Septic Systems BUILDING SITES PHASE I ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS DETAILED SOIL MAPPING FOR: o Land Use Planning & Development Many county planning, zoning, and health departments regulate land use based, in part, on soils information. William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. conducts on site soils investigations, providing its clients with accurate information about soil and site conditions. We help our clients to understand the potential and limitations of the soil and properly plan the use of a property. We serve to prevent our clients from making costly mistakes in the purchase and development of property that is unsuitable   for the intended use. For over 20 years, William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. has been providing soil characterization and mapping services throughout Northeastern Illinois. No project is too small or large. Our clients include individuals who need to know that the lot they are purchasing is suitable for a basement or septic system. We also service builders, developers, land planners, civil engineers, appraisers, and units of government seeking to create environments compatible with soil and site conditions present on a property.