Purpose: Soil conditions present on a site are very important and strongly influence how the site may be used. A detailed soil map prepared utilizing onsite investigations will provide valuable information needed for proper planning of a development. The map can be interpreted to indicate areas suited to a given use, e.g. onsite wastewater disposal and treatment (septic systems), home sites with basements, stormwater retention and detention, and open space. Indeed, a number of county and municipal planning and zoning departments have enacted ordinances requiring some level of onsite soil mapping that identifies areas within a proposed development suitable for septic systems. The maps may also be used to identify critical soil areas or conservancy districts as defined by local ordinance. Scope of Services: William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. will tailor the level of investigations to the needs and budget of our clients. For example, a reconnaissance-type investigation will provide information relative to the general suitability or potential of a property for development. This type of investigation yields an interpretive map delineating units containing soils having similar potential for development. It delineates mapping units containing soils that would be poorly suited to development. The map is drafted on a recent aerial photograph for ease of use. The extent of each delineation can be measured to determine how much (by area and percentage) of the entire property that is suitable for development. A brief report of investigations addresses the general potential of the site for development while noting areas with significant limitations for development. This type of general information is useful for clients who are considering purchasing a property for development, but need to complete their due diligence. It is also useful for a property owner who may be contemplating selling the property for development and is interested in determining its fair value, or developing the site his or herself. DESIGNED BY BLUE SKY CONSULTING