DESIGNED BY BLUE SKY CONSULTING More detailed or intensive mapping will identify and delineate individual soil types. This level of mapping provides site-specific information necessary to configure individual lots that contain areas suitable for buildings and septic systems (if central sewers are not available). It will identify areas better suited to storm water management or other type of open space. This level of mapping is often required by local ordinance at an early stage of the platting process. The methodology for creating a detailed map also is often prescribed by local ordinance. It typically requires randomized sampling on a grid pattern having a set observation interval (commonly 200 feet). A topographic map with a contour interval of 1 to 2 feet serves as a base map. A detailed report of investigations includes logs of each sample location and a discussion of the soil mapping units relative to their suitability or potential for specific uses. William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. is fully qualified to meet all state and local requirements for detailed or intensive soil mapping. Please call us to discuss your project and specific needs.