What information do I need to order a soil test? The client should provide contact information including name, address, and telephone number. An email address is helpful. For a vacant property, provide a plat of survey (or legal description, lot dimensions, and street name if survey is not available). For an existing residence or non-residential building, provide the property address and the survey or survey information. Reasonably accurate property dimensions are essential because the test report must include a map showing sample locations. Indicate the proposed test area (building envelope) on the survey or from a site plan. This site plan need not be an architectural rendering – a hand-drawn diagram that includes enough information to identify the proposed test area will suffice. A Property Index Number (PIN, available on the real estate assessment or property tax bill) is extremely useful, especially for filing, permitting, and data retrieval. How can I interpret the test results? The test report include a technical section containing soil boring data, and an interpretive section describing soil and site limitations. William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. will gladly discuss the test results with its clients to make sure they understand the potential and limitations of the property. How much does the test cost? Pricing is based on number of samples and depth of sampling. Please call or email William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. for current price information for your location. What are the limitations of the testing and results? The test results provided by William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. include identification and classification of soil type and characterization of the nature of the soil materials, e.g. mineral or organic, natural or disturbed (cut/fill), soil parent and geologic materials. The results will also provide estimates of soil permeability and depth to the seasonal high groundwater table based on soil properties identified in the field including soil texture, structure, color, and presence of soil redoximorphic features. William R. Kreznor & Associates, Inc. cannot make measurements of soil strength or provide footing or foundation recommendations. DESIGNED BY BLUE SKY CONSULTING